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luni, 16 ianuarie 2012

The Internet is the Newest Crime Scene

The Internet is the Newest Crime Scene

by Andrew Virender

There have always been criminals in any society. Wherever someone has wealth and enjoys prosperity due to their hard work, some other denizen of society who gives no effort into life comes and along and robs him of it. The most classic example of the criminal.

This type of criminal would have a starring role in an old mobster film, the ones so overplayed they would be in a stark non-color version. As with their movie persona, these guys committed some atrocities. The film portrayals simply scared viewers, but street crooks are the ones to be held accountable for most of the fright and damage to citizens. These bad guys are the ones who make the streets unsafe at night, and are bait for sensationalist news reports adding to the hysteria.

These mafia guys committed crimes that rocked the nation. They were the societal rejects, the ones who, when families saw their grim faces rotting in jail, would turn their kid's looks away, as if their menacing stare had some hypnotic quality. These guys are the cumulative force that the United States walks so carefully with its prison system. It is an interesting matter that such an open system cultivates: you have these seemingly unlimited free choices, yet it is just unconsciously understood and hoped for that you won't infringe upon them. Unfortunately, while many of us pay mind to these laws, guys like these do not and it rips apart at the moral fiber of our nation.

The criminals of the old days, the ones that would rob you at gunpoint and then steal all of your stuff, although a force to be reckoned with indeed, are nothing like the criminals of today. The criminals of today have one crucial advantage; technology is one their side. You might think that technology is on our side, making it easier and easier to catch these criminals but in fact it just makes them easier to hide. The crooks have took in the technology for themselves and become quite proficient with it, knowing the ins and outs.

Think of an outdated crime; the robbery. An angry criminal who was hurting for some money would see a wealthy looking person, someone they think they could overpower. If they had a loaded gun though, the last point was irrelevant. Weapon in hand and in a secluded area they would approach their victim, wave the gun around, and demand a ransom. Once they got all of the contents of the wallet, they would most likely let the person go. They would then run for the hills and lay low for a little while, until hopefully people just forgot about the crime.

Back then, there were only very basic methods the criminal using satellite pictures and GPS location. It didn't matter though: with a well staffed and skilled police force, the thief was usually apprehended timely. There was not any tools of the trade they could use to hide themselves or clean up the scene of the crime. Once they were caught, there was no DNA markings to put them at the crime scene then, there was just a simple line-up and the victim, who tentatively singled out the criminals mug shot.

Technology to the rescue then, right? Unfortunately, this is not all true. While our steps in producing DNA tracking, fingerprints and other high tech commodities, these tools also aid the suspect's evasion of justice. An automobile is the highest technology a criminal today needs to disappear; it doesn't matter is they know the criminal's name. If they can't go out and get them, all of their data and leads are just paperweights. Many criminals, like hackers and identity thieves accomplish their economic raids through the web, so there is not a real crime scene!

An intangible crime; the perfect crime. These are hard hitters for law enforcement, as there is no scene of the crime and due to the technological shield the criminal can put up around their location. Another scary thing is that, these identity thieves and hackers, as aforementioned, are seldom caught and brought to justice. So with no viable means to effectively stop them, we can only hope to protect ourselves from their strike. Always be very wary online, and protect yourself with a multitude of Internet security systems. And avoid secluded areas!

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