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luni, 16 ianuarie 2012

Look into the Qualities and Assets Pertaining to the Sony Ericsson X8

Look into the Qualities and Assets Pertaining to the Sony Ericsson X8

by Val Boyles

Sony has been at the forefront of designing highly rated devices and Sony Ericsson X8 is among the products of this continued innovation. It is a 3G smart phone, which is of middle range powered by the android operating system. The device market base is wide and the United States is one of the popular markets. Initially shipping done to the phones operated on Android 1.6 but from early 2011, they upgraded it to the newer version 2.1. The small nature of the gadget makes it a preference for many people.

It has a 76mm capacitive touch screen, which is the equivalent of three inches. The resolution of the camera at the back is 3.2 mega pixels and this camera can be accessed either through the backside camera button or touch screen menu. One exciting camera feature is that it allows geotagging of photos.

To support the range of applications it runs, it has a Qual-comm processor. With the processor running at a speed 600 megahertz, this ensures maximum efficiency. Auto rotation of phone is enabled by the three-axis accelerometer. For travelers, there is an inbuilt GPS functionality. There is presence of a digital compass and a lug whose purpose is to attach the strap. It also has a scratch resistant surface.

There are custom phone applications available but also other open source programs can be installed. These applications include themes, design elements and custom programs. There are shortcuts place on the four corners of phone screen. These shortcuts are changeable. One of common social networking applications available on the gadget is Time-scape. It has the ability to combine messages from different networking sites messages into flowing column positioned on the home screen.

Common applications to be found on the phone include Wise-Pilot navigation, Google maps, Track-ID and Play-Now Arena. The device is compatible with many common programs and the upgrading done in early 2001 has allowed many more to be supported.

The design of phone is among the elegant features that make it stay ahead of pack. The device right side has dual buttons; the volume button plus the camera button. The front view has three slit like buttons. These are menu, back and home. The top also has a button for locking and unlocking the screen, a jack for the headphones and a port for USB.

The mentioned features are not the only present ones in Sony Ericsson X8. It offers support for an external memory card, an adobe flash player application, Wi-Fi, a radio and a music player among others. They are not limited to just these as there are a host of many others.

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