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duminică, 8 ianuarie 2012

Live longer with E-Cigarettes

Live longer with E-Cigarettes

by Debasmita Roy

Why do people smoke? Are they stressed into smoking as is usually the case especially with young adults? Do they feel it looks chill and that it makes them friendlier? Or is it basically due to curiosity? In my case I just wished to learn how to make a smoke circle since it looked pretty marvelous back then, now I just don't care. The thing is, regardless of your reason for smoking, you maybe have thought and probably even tried to quit a few times already, especially so if you've read the statistics. I know I have!

It is reported by the World Health Organization that no other disease in the world kills more people than smoking. Once hooked, a person simply just can't quit smoking. This is greatly attributed to nicotine which is an addictive and the most active component found in tobacco where of course cigarettes are made of.

Although, due to regulatory policies, tobacco ads and commercials nowadays do show warning of the dangerous effects of smoking cigarettes, they still tend to be the biggest contributors in the proliferation of chain smokers. They often display advertisement that focuses and associates smoking with glamour and social acceptance making it appealing to the buying public, smokers and non-smokers alike. I would often hear this saying about how a stick of cigarette can take a day out of your lifespan. Of course, I've got nothing to back up this theory but I can tell you how you can live longer while still enjoying the pleasurable, albeit temporary, sensation of smoking.

Vapor cigarette or simply E-cigarette is the second best thing to the real one. Electronic cigarettes are similar to the real one, taste like the real thing and even feel like it too. It's absolutely a healthier way to enjoy smoking as it does not contain tar and some brands even offer 0% nicotine content. It's in addition too good to know that e-cigarettes do not discharge the alarming carbon monoxide which affects both the consumer and the people around them. Your non-smoker buddies will be better off with you smoking e-cigarettes since they won't need to cover their airways in panic of that second hand smoke that hovers worryingly every time you puff that tobacco stick.

You'd probably want to pick a brand that has reduced nicotine content at first as opposed to one that doesn't have any at all to ensure that you don't experience extreme withdrawal symptoms. The key is to gradually minimize your nicotine intake until you can totally get rid of it. Rush through it and you may just find yourself in the same boat that you've been for the last so and so years of your miserable smoking life.

Other than its health advantages over the real cigar, e-cigarettes are also cheaper in comparison. Admittedly, the initial purchase may be a bit stiff but you'll definitely save some money if you consider your overall daily/monthly cigarette allocation. So if you're looking for a healthier option and possibly total independence from nicotine intoxication, the e-cigarette may just be the perfect fit for you.

<a href="http://www.smokeless-cigarettes-online.com" title= "Electronic cigarettes">Electronic cigarettes</a> are used by the smokers who wish to quit their smoking. The <a href="http://www.smokeless-cigarettes-online.com/walgreenselectroniccigarettes.html" title= "e cigarette">e cigarette</a> can be consumed without any fear.

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