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sâmbătă, 7 ianuarie 2012

The Significance of Online Local Search to Small Enterprises

The Significance of Online Local Search to Small Enterprises

by Ron Baker

Most small businesses are set up to service local customers. Dentists, carpet cleaners, plumbers, chiropractors, divorce attorneys and lots of other sorts of firms use either a store front, office or drive on-site to deliver products and services to a local prospect base.

If you are Starbucks or a retail chain, you gain advantage from national advertising and a distinguishable building. But over 95% of companies aren't attached to well known brands and corporations. For them, the most vital and challenging task is getting new accounts.

Yellow Page directories have historically been the first thing tiny firms include in their marketing mix. Some would do local newspaper advertising, maybe include a card in a US mail pack sent out by others, do some direct mailings of their own to local residents, test a radio ad and, if they felt especially generous, pay for local TV commercials. Sadly, none of these strategies will generate the quantity of new customers they used to. In most examples, the owner of a small business will now actually lose money on each of these marketing approaches.

The web is the solution to <a href="http://www.iwantlocalcustomers.com/local-leads/">successful customer acquisition,</a> for 2 reasons:

1. People make far less use of the traditional media. Yellow Page directories are often recycled on delivery, or used to hold doors open and prop items up. Paper readership is way down, as people like to get today's reports today (online), vs getting yesterday's stories today (in print). Radio is being skipped in favor of online music services. TV commercials get skipped as viewers TiVo their way past them.

2. When you publicize in a newspaper, direct mail or radio, most of the people who receive the message are not at all interested in what you're selling. Yet, you are paying for every one of them to get the wasted ad. Meanwhile, prospects who go browsing to search for "houston chiropractor" or "carlsbad carpet cleaner" are definitely keen on that service in their area.

The key for each business is to start phasing out the marketing techniques that are not yielding new purchasers, and step up attempts to become seen online. It's possible to get ranked high on Google and other search sites, as well as listed in the many online directories that people use, whether or not you've got a website. Do not delay. Your possible customers are going to your competitors who appear online, while you are waiting to start.

The Molosomar Team are professionals at <a href="http://www.iwantlocalcustomers.com/services">online marketing for organizations that want more business</a>. They go beyond just the technical stuff, helping their clients be more effective at <a href="http://www.iwantlocalcustomers.com/">converting protential customers into actual accounts</a>. Molosomar specializes in the three keys to your online success - visibility credibility and conversion.

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