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luni, 23 ianuarie 2012

Pay On Results SEO - Get To Know The SEO Agency Before Paying

Pay On Results SEO - Get To Know The SEO Agency Before Paying

by Fredia Sobieski

If you are looking for SEO services whether it is for local or national keywords you might benefit from considering the pay on results SEO option. Pay on results SEO is not a new concept and has been around for a long time but perhaps the SEO companies do not fully advertise it as it is in their interests to get payment immediately.

Basically, the pay on results SEO means that the SEO company has to get you the results for your chosen keywords before you have to pay a penny. So once the results are achieved then you need to pay the SEO company the full amount. You do not save any money but you get to delay payment until you see the results.

The results vary depending on which company you choose to go with. When you sign the contract it will state what the results are. So perhaps it might be to get all your chosen keywords to page one on Google or to have them all above number 5 on Google. It will vary but the important thing is that you read these terms before you sign so that you know when you are liable to pay. The SEO company will still continue to rank your keywords until they reach the number 1 position if you wish to carry on using their services on a monthly basis.

There have been some people that were unhappy with the SEO agency because they never managed to achieve the goal. You might wonder why they would do this as it is not in their interest if they want payment. But these companies more than likely took a substantial upfront set up fee.

This fee can be quite a substantial amount and to some short term SEO companies it is more worth their time to take the signup fee and not complete the programme. It is easy to eliminate these companies as you should only go with companies that don't ask for an upfront fee as they are clearly thinking about their clients' interests.

By delaying the payment of the SEO services, you'll get the chance to see what they will be like to work with before paying out any money. This reduces the risk of ending up with a bad company as they will not offer these types of results based services.

By providing you with pay on results SEO the company are getting the opportunity to win your trust and demonstrate what their company can offer you in terms of results. Although getting your website to page one is not the goal, it is a nice point in the journey where you should have made up your mind about the SEO agency and made your decision as to whether you want to continue with their services or not.

This is a large risk for the company as they have invested a lot of time and effort into getting your website there but it is the best way to ensure that you are taking no risks and so you are not stressed or worried about whether they are doing their best or not - if they have offered you free pay on results SEO then they are very committed to the long term success of your company.

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