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marți, 24 ianuarie 2012

The Perks Of Owning Versatile Home Security

The Perks Of Owning Versatile Home Security

by Tony B Chiaanese

To me, the <a title="best home protection" href="http://www.protechdefense.com/home-protection/telespy-motion-intruder-alarm.html">best home protection</a> products are possibly the ones that are really functional and yet effectively discreet. I thought that these kinds of items were very hard to find until I stumbled on an alarming gadget which is a telephone, a microphone and also a motion sensor rolled into one.

My dad introduced me to this nifty device, the TeleSpy motion intruder alarm. As soon as it is switched on, it could make a call to a succession of telephone numbers of my choice as soon as it senses activity inside its range.

In addition, instead of this motion-activated alarm contacting the cops directly, I could first check whether the activity which had been found came from a burglar or somebody I know who was within the house. I will be able to do so using the amplified microphone attached to the device itself, which will allow me thirty seconds of listening time.

When I found out about these features, I got the alarm for my San Francisco home. Though they were promising, I also had my concerns until the home security alarm proved itself worthy during a break-in event that would transpire months later.

One evening that I was out shopping, I received a call from my intruder alarm. I listened right away to the audio being fed to figure out whether or not it was a trespasser.

Unfortunately, what I heard suggested a robbery in progress. So, I called the police at once to have my home checked and hopefully get the offender. Law enforcers were able to respond within a few minutes and catch the person who had broken into my home.

That burglary might have been successful was it not for the safety alarm that I had placed strategically inside the house. I never thought that a simple gadget could save my abode from being looted.

Right now, I continue to strengthen house security by searching for more of the best home protection solutions which could fit my budget range. My motion intruder alarm really came low cost, and with the security that it supplies, is definitely worth it.

Tony B Chiaanese has been training people how to operate <a href="http://www.protechdefense.com">self defense items</a> to defend themselves for years. There are dozens of options, like stun guns, pepper sprays and personal alarms. He provides complete support and instruction on how to operate the items.

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