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marți, 24 ianuarie 2012

Qualification Guidance For ITIL Service Management Practices

Qualification Guidance For ITIL Service Management Practices

by David Smith

As acknowledged worldwide, ITIL is a documentation of best practice for IT Service Management.

It is utilized by hundreds of companies around the globe who have based their service management processes in line with the advice as well as guidance contained inside the ITIL books together with the supporting professional ITIL qualifications scheme.

At Ashford Global IT, we will impart the training program which is an outline of the roles and responsibilities of all recognized parties in the ITIL qualification scheme together with the rules and principles of the scheme.

It's reinforced by an extensive qualifications program, authorized training modules, certification, implementation as well as assessment tools. Candidates from the participating businesses can customize the training course as per their requirements and achieve a recognized qualification in this discipline whilst working towards their ITIL expert certification .IAshford Global IT's training is aimed in enhancing the certain tasks that the individuals perform in the organization along with assisting IT professionals along the most appropriate education path in the ITIL certification scheme. The ITIL Expert certification scheme is encouraged to people who wish to obtain the broadest breadth of ITIL knowledge and credits too.

A series of ITIL training classes is offered at Ashford Global IT which includes the following: a starting course (ITIL Awareness and ITIL Foundation) ideal for all IT staff, both management and staff, intermediate courses (ITIL Framework Lifecycle and Capability) for further advanced level workers and management, with an expert level course ( Managing Across the Lifecycle) for CIOs, senior IT management and supervisors. Ashford Global IT delivers training in any part of the globe. For additional information, give us a call or perhaps visit us online at www.ashfordglobalit.com

To get more about the <a href="http://www.ashfordglobalit.com/">ITIL Training</a> and <a href="http://www.ashfordglobalit.com/training/itil.html">ITIL Training Courses</a> just visit us.

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