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luni, 16 ianuarie 2012

Why Timex GPS Watch is The All In One Sport Watch

Why Timex GPS Watch is The All In One Sport Watch

by Hayden Faulkner

Applications of GPS can be seen in many industries today, even including the sports sector. The globally acclaimed Ironman series of sport watches from Timex has seen an upgrade in 2009 in the form of Timex GPS Watch, a year after the first GPS watches had hit the market. It was well received by pro athletes as expected. In addition to the bells and whistles of Timex Ironman series, reviewers noted its reliable GPS.

Accurate GPS Data

If you like the idea of having your own GPS device, you may want to look into having a GPS watch. GPS sport watches have GPS capability that are on par with bigger GPS devices. But unlike tablet GPS, it is more convenient in that you get to wear it around your wrist. If you are on the road driving, cycling or running, you can be sure that you will get to your destination fast with its accurate GPS data. In particular, Timex GPS Watch has an audible warning that tells you if you are straying off the path so that you won't even have to check over your wrist all the time.

Easier Endurance Training

Timex Ironman watches are sport watches first and foremost. Being part of the Ironman series, Timex GPS Watch is no exception. So it makes sense that a number of its features are designed for athletes. The Ironman series are best known for its association with professional triathlon. This is evident in the list of features present in Timex Ironman GPS that are helpful to runners and cyclists. In addition, it is water resistant up to a depth 50 feet, making it practically water proof as long as you are not diving. If you are concerned about enhancing you physical endurance, this sport watch allows you to have access to features like heart rate monitor, cumulative altitude, and pulse oximeter.

Safer Outdoor Activities

It is important to note that Timex Ironman GPS is hooked up to ANT plus. Like Bluetooth technology, ANT enables its users to create a personal wireless network with which sport gadgets can send and receive messages via radio transmitters. Moreover, it comes with a free account on trainingpeaks.com, which allows its users to create their own fitness program and monitor their improvement. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy outdoor activities, but having a GPS sport watch will make you more aware of your physical performance. If you are the type who wants to burn calories while staying outdoors, then you should definitely consider getting yourself one.

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