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marți, 7 februarie 2012

Free For All Sites Are A Waste Of Time To Submit To

Free For All Sites Are A Waste Of Time To Submit To

by David Yunger

Surprisingly enough, but there are still free for all sites all over the web If any of you are unaware I will explain what a free for all site is. This is a very simple thing actually, it is simply a site that will allow people to freely place an add and link to their websites. Years ago when these types of sites first came online everyone was using them to get free links and advertising. Now, using these types of sites in order to build links can wind up having your website banned from the search engines. This now has become something that is not just a waste of time but there are other reasons this should be avoided.

I can in fact see the attraction to newbies on the web that want to post to these Internet sites. Furthermore, I see why you might be tempted. It is possible to take your link and place it on one site and you could finally end up having your website linked to a huge number of other sites instantly. Reference <a href="http://reversephonewar.com">phone number reverse lookup</a>.

The site you submit to is not alone, as typically these websites are in a much larger network containing a huge number of sites. However what most individuals don't realize is that these sites are pointless. So not only will you not really be doing a bit of good for your website you could really be doing more harm.

When the major search engines find out that your site just built 1,000 links in just a few minutes and that they are all from ffa sites, there is always the chance they will de-index your site. Search engines want people to gain their links naturally and that is not what this is. Do to this, the major search engines hold a great deal of contempt for people who use this method.

You should understand that anytime you post on one Internet site, your website link is actually being put up on many sites all at once. Now everybody who owns one of these kinds of websites gets your email address once you post and whether you knew it or not you literally gave them authorization to email you. And once thousands of men and women have your email address they're able to actually email you anytime they desire. Which means that very quickly your email mailbox may very well be full of junk every day. Just what it all comes down to is the people that own these Internet websites are the only ones obtaining any benefits.

The fact that there are real easy, as well as search engine friendly ways to build links, it makes me wonder how any of these sites have survived. Avoiding these sites at all costs is truly your best idea, if you want to build links use article marketing and directory submission.

One other thing you should avoid is link farms. These types of websites are no better than the free for all sites. The basis of this is that you create loads of websites on different ip addresses and link them all together and also have a link that points to your money site on every page. People used this method of linking a little while back and their are still people doing it today. This is actually very easy for Google to see and they could end up banning all your sites. So, just to sum up, ffa sites and link farms are bad and directory submitting and article marketing are good.

Irregardless of whether you happen to be advertising <a href="http://spellsofmagick.net/">spells</a> or maybe <a href="http://reversephonewar.com/articles/reverse-cell-phone-lookup-will-get-the-info-you-need/">reverse cell lookup</a> any of us interested in boosting their visitors needs to have a reliable internet marketing foundation.

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