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marți, 7 februarie 2012

How To Play Blackjack Game

How To Play Blackjack Game

by Joanna Schnaider

Blackjack, also referred to as twenty one is a very popular casino card game which involves betting. The game can also be played online. This article gives you tips on how to play blackjack online.

The object of this game is for the value of your cards to reach exactly twenty one or as close to that value without exceeding it. It the value is exceeded, then one loses the game. The dealer is an important part of the game, because in order to get a clear win, one has to beat the dealer.

The type of suit of the cards does not matter in this game. Card numbers two up to ten are taken for the value on them. The ace can either be one or eleven depending on which is preferable. Thus, if you have a two and an ace the total value is thirteen or three. Face cards, which are the king, queen and jack, are valued at ten.

It is played with either a single, two or four, six decks or eight deck of cards, each containing fifty two cards each. After the cards are dealt, the values are checked. If you exceed twenty one, you bust. This means that you automatically lose. Likewise, if the dealer busts, you win. So if the dealer busts and you do not, you win. However, since the player must act first, when they bust, they lose regardless of whether the dealer busts or not.

A typical game of blackjack has about six players. Each is dealt two cards each face up. The dealer gets one face up and the other face down. But before anyone gets cards, the bets are placed. If one player gets a card valued at ten and an ace, it is a blackjack and they automatically win one and a half times their bet. However, if the dealer also has twenty one, then it is a push or a tie and they get their money back.

When the dealer has a value of sixteen and under, they draw and when it is seventeen or higher they stay. When a player beats the dealer and everyone else they win. The others check their values. If it is lower than the dealer they lose but if it is higher, they get their bet money back. In the event that a dealer busts, all the players win.

One can split their hand, but only if the initial cards are of an equal value. Each of them starts their own hand and an equal bet is placed on the new hand. There are several versions of blackjack depending on where you are playing but the general rules and the object remain the same.

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