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vineri, 9 martie 2012

3 Adwords Mistakes that You Should Avoid

3 Adwords Mistakes that You Should Avoid

by Ali Rodriguez

To the unprepared and clueless, Google's Adwords can be confusing and certainly dangerous. You need to get the basics right first or else you'll end up making silly mistakes, like the ones we will be discussing in this article.

Probably one of the worst blunders to commit is blowing your money because your daily budget was set too high. All the stories are true about losing a lot of money faster than you can say Google Adwords, almost, if you do not have the knowledge, experience, and discipline. If your daily spend is set too high, and you're new - chances are excellent your campaign isn't set-up right, and you'll lose a lot of money in one day. However, if you moderately try to lower your daily spending, you will be able to decide on how much you're spending and get the test data to analyze your campaign. You'll have some peace of mind because you know your budget (daily) is set right, and then you can analyze everything and make intelligent decisions about where to proceed.

Never ignore the power of negative keywords in yoru PPC campaigns. When you're preparing the list of your targeted keywords, make sure you add negative keywords to it, because that will not only lower your ad cost but at the same time bring in targeted visitors to your landing page. Search engines do it differently, so just look for "negative keywords" and add yours there. Your main keywords/phrases may have words that will not help you, so just remove them from your campaign.

Also stay away from using large nubmers of keywords in a single ad group. Remember it is your responsibility as and Adwords advertiser to test your keywords to determine which ones are successful. With too many keywords in one group, some will get most the clicks while others won't get any. A state of confusion will ensue, since you can't determine which keywords are the successful ones. So the fewer keywords you ahve per ad group, the better you can judge the success of a particualr keyword.

Study and learn from professional on how to advertise with Adwords, and the move slowly and surely.

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