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vineri, 9 martie 2012

The Approach You Should Use to Get Effective Testimonials

The Approach You Should Use to Get Effective Testimonials

by Murielle Rubia

One thing about using testimonials is they are not any kind of magic bullet, but rather one important piece in what is hopefully a well-oiled sales machine. If you have your own sales copy, then you understand the need for good testimonials, and even still they have to be put together right and contain certain elements that make them more effective. As you make sales and accumulate customers, it is imperative that you have a process in place to begin working toward capturing excellent feedback. There is no use letting the lack of social proof up-end your sales process.

What is typically done by all businesses is they usually ask for a testimonial. How will you every know what to improve unless you have something in place that will give you information about performance. Testimonials are derived from any feedback you receive, but keep in mind you have to ask to use the information on your site. What you will find is some will agree to it while others will not, and usually people decline just for privacy purposes. We will say again, because it is really important, that every testimonial you publish must have proof of permission from the customer.

As you know, it is not encouraged to directly and openly request testimonials from customers. It is a smart idea to engage your audience as much as possible, and asking them to provide you with their thoughts about the product or buying experience is nothing but feedback to you. So seriously consider also placing some copy on your contact page so you can talk to people about the value of their feedback and opinions. You don't even have to make it too elaborate, but just putting a simple message on your 'Contact Us' page can bring in new feedback that you didn't expect.

You can catch peoples' attention by strategically placing testimonials or excerpts from them here and there. If you have a large site, then the more testimonials you have obviously you can spread the around more.

Well-written copy in addition to your testimonials will help do their part to make you money.

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