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joi, 1 martie 2012

Dental Assistant Resumes: How to Write A Resume - 5 Quick Tips to Prove It's Not As Hard As You Thought

Dental Assistant Resumes: How to Write A Resume - 5 Quick Tips to Prove It's Not As Hard As You Thought

by John Roney

Most fresh graduates from college have the common mistake of incorporating unnecessary details in their resumes. When writing a college student resume, it is important to take note of several factors that would surely impress employers.

Regards of the naysayers, you can find an individual to address the cover letter to. In this electronic networking world, it is very difficult to hide, even for employers. When HR insists that you send the letter and resume to them, do so but send a copy to the person of your choice as well.

3-Give them your skills, not responsibilities: Many people will concentrate on explaining what the responsibilities were in their previous roles. This is not how to write a resume! Responsibilities are largely the same from one role to another. Don't bore the employer by saying how you had to maintain customer service standards etc! Instead, find something that only YOU did-one of your own skills, your own achievements, something that other candidates won't have. If you were team manager of the year, tell them, if you landed a huge contract for your previous company, tell them about that!

Don't repeat anything in your resume. Either describe an achievement not mentioned in your resume that applies to the position, or comment on ONE achievement in your resume as A reason for your application and therefore, for reading further. Don't fall into the trap of repeating the resume content else why should an employer read further. Your cover letter is evidence that you have "excellent written communication skills". Prove it.

Finally, prior to submitting your <a href="http://orthodontistassistants.com/dental-assistant-career/">Dental Assistant Resumes</a>, make sure that you proofread it a thousand times. This is to avoid any wrong impression about grammar and spelling of words. You do not want your potential employer to put your resume in the trash bin just because you misspelled a word or committed a grammatical error. It is best to show your potential employer about your professionalism and knowledge.

Learn more about <a href=" http://OrthodontistAssistants.com/">Dental Assistant Resumes</a>.

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