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joi, 1 martie 2012

What Is The Whistle Blower Software

What Is The Whistle Blower Software

by Liz Lamb

A <A href="http://www.whistleblowerplus.com">whistleblower software</A> is a must-have for all server administrator. They can use this to monitor and test the condition and functionality of their main servers. This works similar to Ping and the TCP utilities that test connectivity. This also sends requests to common servers acting as client to determine if other servers are up or not. It also gathers some information.

This will record the logs when the server went down. This will also record other relevant activities like how long the downtime was, when it happened and how much traffic it took. These are very important information so the administrator can come up with ways to limit the effect of the downtime.

While it sends the request, it will be waiting for a certain period. If there are no response still, the program will be acting out depending on the downtime's duration. If it was only momentary, the time will be recorded. If it will take longer, the case is escalated.

When it detected that the server had been down, it will notify the administrator. It will send a numeric page on his pager, send an SMS notification or send an email message. If after a certain stretch of time and the servers have not still recovered, the administrator may restart it by pressing the MasterSwitch.

Also, this program does not take every response as true. It has the ability to determine if the reply was correct or a mistaken error message only. This way, the possibilities of errors due to wrong reading may be considerably minimized.

A later version now includes sending of email reports and alerts with SMTP Authentication, canceling the HTTP option, improved performance for OSX operating system, validation of the Shell script task and many more. This will help considerably reduce the effects of the downtime.

Lastly, a whistleblower software is a program that requires internet connection. This way, the administrators can still run different scripts, check the current status of the servers and control his system's powerkeys anywhere and anytime. He just needs to be connected to the internet and he is good to go.

Learn more here: <a href="http://www.whistleblowerplus.com">whistleblower software</a>

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