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sâmbătă, 7 aprilie 2012

Beachbody Coach Opportunity; A Partnership With A Still Young, Yet Very Successful Company

Beachbody Coach Opportunity; A Partnership With A Still Young, Yet Very Successful Company

by Jim Ford

Beachbody is taking advantage of the success of its clients, and offering them the opportunity to share in the success of the company. Beachbody's home fitness and weight loss programs have been helping people to lose weight and get into top physical shape for just over 5 years now. The customers using the programs find themselves being noticed by friends and family, and referrals to the company started pouring in.

As Beachbody began to grow, they quickly noticed how the client referrals were impacting their success and decided to give their customers the opportunity to capitalize on their own success. Rather than offer the beachbody products through retail outlets, the decision was made to expand on the success of the referrals, and thus, the Beachbody Coach Opportunity became available.

The Beachbody Business for Independent Team Beachbody Coaches is a complete business system, offering multiple websites, an online office, an online training academy, free marketing aids that includes videos and banners that link back to you, and more, for an initial investment of $39.95 and only $14.95/month thereafter. If you are an active duty military member, just ask your coach for the right forms and you can get your business fees waived.

As a Coach for Team Beachbody it becomes your job to learn the products, communicate with potential customers, and you are strongly encouraged to use the products. By using the programs and products you get to be in the best shape of your life, and become a walking billboard for your business.

Even if you decide to not promote your business as a coach, if you are using the programs and products you have the opportunity to save money. As a Coach you are getting a 25 percent discount on products, and saving a small fortune over what you would be paying for a local gym membership or a room full of fitness equipment.

One of the best attractions you will have to offer as a Coach is free access to the Beachbody Community, often referred to as the Beachbody Online Gym. Here you get access to message boards, have the opportunity to win money, can schedule your workouts and track your progress, and join others just like yourself in online fitness groups for support and motivation.

You will have the opportunity to represent home fitness programs such as P90X, Insanity, Slim In 6, Power 90, Tai Cheng, Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, and for the fans of pumping iron, Les Mills Pump. They also offer what may be considered as the healthiest weight loss, or meal replacement shakes on the planet, Shakeology.

As an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, you share your knowledge of the products, share your success story and the stories of others, and change the lives of the people around you. Helping someone to become financially successful and physically fit is a very rewarding experience. Helping a mom or dad to regain the energy and strength they need to get off the couch and play with their children again is priceless.

Check out the <a href="http://beachbodycoach.com/esuite/home/scrapthefat?bctid=45591527001">Beachbody Coach Opportunity</a> or your best <a href="http://fitnesscoachjim.com/index.php/beachbody-product-shopping">Weight Loss</a> options Today!

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