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sâmbătă, 7 aprilie 2012

Domestic Helper Jobs-Where to Find World's Best Domestic Helper Jobs

Domestic Helper Jobs-Where to Find World's Best Domestic Helper Jobs

by Alice Sy

In certain countries, Domestic Helper Jobs can be seen in a different light. As opposed to the grim idea of helper jobs where there is unfair work load and salary, especially for domestic workers who work abroad, some countries have it not just easy but rewarding for the most hardworking helpers.

In Brazil, they extend equal rights to the domestic helper as considered to be a regular employee who is entitled to a minimum wage set and mandated by the law, stated in the contract and should be honored by the employer. The best part is, the law provides workers with up to 41 long days of paid holidays, that's more than a month of free yet paid labor.

Domestic helper jobs should be looked highly upon in some countries in Europe too based on the beyond the usual salary for domestic employment. That's USD$1046.49 in Greece and 1, 829USD in France and that doesn't include the paid leaves yet. That amount is more than what Professionals earn in the countries of the domestic workers.

In 2011, Switzerland moved a step forward in providing decent work for domestic workers, aside from increasing the salary to $17.40 per hour, their rights are also protected by the law and the benefits include paid holidays, insurance and a limit to the number of working hours. This very attractive work package is one of the reasons why many domestic helpers invest big money on recruitment agencies who have Swiss vacancies.

There is a growing move to place Domestic helper jobs on par with other professions in order to provide better or decent privileges for domestic workers who usually come with poor background. In Asia, the starting ground of domestic workers, Hong Kong positions available are easily filled up because the city serves as a gateway to such luxurious countries. With these major changes, it's not hard to see many domestic workers in Asia dreaming big, they deserve it.

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