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luni, 2 aprilie 2012

Do You Want To Be a part of The Foremost Zeek Rewards Review Team

Do You Want To Be a part of The Foremost Zeek Rewards Review Team

by Don Fabio Ochia

There is a strong chance that you now have discovered this Zeek Rewards review because you are actively interested and most likely even looking for to join a MLM company. If so, I extremely recommend you go through this whole business evaluation and see what other people may not be telling you. This is an official unbiased review meant for the serious network marketer who evaluates all his business decisions thoroughly. I will go over who the organization is, what they sell, and also the pay out method.

Initially, let's cover some information on the business and their goods. Zeek Rewards is truly the multilevel advertising branch of Zeekler, which is a company that essentially markets an Web shopping penny auction program. A penny auction is where people place small bids on items in hope to win them for cheap. Penny Auctions have turn out to be extremely well-liked in the last few years for customers as well as business owners. A company called Rex Venture Group LLC in owns the Zeekler.com and Zeek Rewards. It's a 14 year old corporation in Lexington, North Carolina. The President and CEO is Mr. Paul Burks, someone who has been within the MLM business over a decade. His company FreeStoreClub saw over three million representatives and clients in over 175 countries worldwide and is nonetheless still in existence today as the retail shops that you can shop at through Zeekler & the eCommerce solutions available for subscription via Zeek.

As in all network marketing programs if you are really intent in becoming a member, it's wise which you do some extremely substantial research on the business. This way, you will understand exactly what you are getting in to. You can have the best comp plan and products in the world but it doesn't do you any good if the company is out of business. With so many new mlm companies popping up every month it makes it more difficult to cut throw what is real and what is hype.

In regards towards the pay plan, Zeek Rewards relies on a method known as the 2 by 5 Forced Matrix. The fantastic factor about a 2 by 5 Matrix is your up line can put individuals beneath you. There are 5 major ways to get pay including a Profit Sharing Pool for the real go-getter. The payment strategy appears good and they pay daily. ZeekRewards ask their associates to place one ad per day in an online classified to promote the business in order to stay qualified for earnings that day. At the close of business each day, the company takes 50% of all the net profits of Zeekler.com and divide it up amongst the qualified affiliates. More information considering the exact details and what it takes to be a qualified associates can be found at the company's website.

In closing, Zeek Rewards seems like a good business with an great idea, to mix the mlm with the online shopping world. They have a generous pay out strategy which does not require you to sponsor. If you do decide to sponsor, it will help accelerate the compensation plan especially if you sponsor with massive numbers using a online attraction method. 1 very crucial matter to create great outcomes, is the capability to promote on the internet and create leads. I extremely suggest you use a confirmed Attraction Advertising system to brand your self, create leads, appeal to leaders, and make cash on individuals who do not even join your chance.

Imagine personally sponsoring <a href=" http://www.apsense.com/page/unbiased-zeek-rewards-review" target=new>10-15 new team builders </a> per month in your <a href="http://chrishickman.zeekrewards.com/" target=new>ZeekRewards</a> business without ever pestering your family or friends or making an outbound cold call to tire-kicker, unmotivated generic business opportunity seeker leads.

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