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luni, 2 aprilie 2012

SWTOR Marauder Guide for the New Players

SWTOR Marauder Guide for the New Players

by Myrtice Nilges

In any online role playing games, it is very important to pick the right class for your personality. You should pick the class according to your preferred play style. This guide is aiming to teach you how to choose the best class for your character when you are new in the game. Here you can have an overview of the class.

In the mass galaxy, the players travel simply by starships. The starships can be divided into different shapes. You can choose one type that you like. The starships are nothing new than a travel tool. It is used for players to travel in hyperspace. What's more, there are technologies that can support the actual ship to advance. The advanced ship can provide you with more features. You cannot gain the features by SWTOR credit.

There are six starships you can choose from. This post will introduce you the information of all the six SWTOR starships. It would be advanced enough for the starship to travel outside the secure hyper lanes. The defense and the weapon that equipped on the ship could be powerful. Along the way of traveling you also have to protect your character.

During the wars you can use your ship to gain the damage point. The starship is also designed for the players to use in the particular battle. It will be easier for the players to defeat the enemies if they have a good starship. They can travel fast when attacked by others. They can easily escape from the dangers with the ship.

The designers allow the players to buy the particular ship for their characters. A lot of players are willing to spend money to buy SWTOR credit for their characters in order to purchase the ship. You can see that the ship is very popular among the players.

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