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miercuri, 4 aprilie 2012

Vital Cautions For Using Suntan Lotion On The Skin

Vital Cautions For Using Suntan Lotion On The Skin

by Haywood Hunter

It is time to get your summer time on again and get that beautiful suntan. Get ready to flaunt your body wearing those new bikinis and head for the beach. Of course, the beach bag will not be complete without a suntan lotion. Lotion or no lotion, everyone wants to have that perfect suntan during this time of year.

Suntan lotion products, sprays and creams are in demand this time of year. There are plenty of them to choose from in the market. All suntan lotion companies promise the best results for a natural looking brown skin. Having the desired color can be quite a process so select a lotion that is right for your skin type.

It would be safe to do a skin test first before trying out a new suntan lotion. You can do so by applying a small amount of the suntan lotion on a small portion of your skin and wait for at least a day and watch for any signs of hypersensitivity like itching, redness or rash. An allergic reaction is specific to the individual and to a chemical in any suntan lotion. Some products may contain a certain chemical that would negatively react to you. Through testing, future damage can be avoided.

Sunscreens like any other products has its direction for use which we should strictly follow. Others often stay too long under the sun thinking their skin is safe since they applied sunscreen. Reapplication after few hours should be followed or skin would be harmed. Skin cancer is something to be avoided through safe use of sunscreens and suntan lotion products.

Be aware of the examples of suntan lotion products and sunscreens that are safe to use and accredited to avoid risk of cancer. A study has shown that some sunscreens and suntan lotions contain chemicals that promotes cancer of the skin. They may prevent the skin from being having excess suntan or being burned but does not stop the ultraviolet light from damaging the skin cells, leading to tumors and lesions.

Although dark skin would look prettier on the beach as most people would claim, wearing a fair glowing skin under those bikinis does not look bad at all. Changing skin tone by excessively using suntan lotion could be costly and would need a retouch from time to time to maintain its color throughout the summer. Great care must be exercised in suntan lotion usage.

There are some ways to achieve a beautiful skin without changing its color. Hydrating your skin through drinking the recommended amount of water per day and eating healthy can help you have that glowing healthy skin. Regular exercise and avoiding free radicals like tobacco nicotine is also advisable. Taking these into account as well as using safe suntan lotion can give you the most beautiful skin ever.

There is nothing wrong with applying suntan lotion to look more appealing to others. Just be reminded with the after effects of some dangerous suntan lotion products and ways to avoid harm to your skin. Remember your skin also has its limits so take good care of it.

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