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miercuri, 4 aprilie 2012

Can I Use Modded Controllers in a Different Way?

Can I Use Modded Controllers in a Different Way?

by Evelyn Connors

It's common knowledge that you know of the functions as well as perks everyone gets when they use Xbox 360 modded controllers in their favorite FPS titles like Battlefield 3 and many others out there. But does everyone out there really know all of the functions of them, for real? Probably, a number or two know every single one of the perks, but a large number don't know all of them beyond what they commonly use almost every time they play.

A rapid fire controller has various reason for being the most praised from fans of titles out there (due to capability and function. Those players who have these modded controllers can tell you about the advantage it can give over others. And due to its its huge popularity), it is likely that the gaming community is populated with fully experienced gamers who have a set of them. With such a big majority of people using them and populating nearly every round you are in, you have two choices that lay before you. Either join and purchase one or get used to be killed a majority of the time.

Likely, they have knowledge about the rapid fire function, but it's likely they probably use it with pistols and other small firearms like revolvers and various assorted guns in the game. Yet, do they know about using Xbox 360 modded controllers with certain kinds of firearms like shotguns? Usually, nearly all shotguns are single shot or they are pump use. But with a rapid fire customization, you can fight off the opposition by pulling together any shotgun with this specialty, it is great for close-range combat.

Don't think it's true about modded controllers? In an example, lets make this situation, you are the last one standing to hold onto the flag from any aggressive opposition. You need a little help to make certain that you have a good percentage of living through everything. By using that mod, you can now do damage faster with your shotgun. It is likely they are advancing in groups. With your firearm's advantage of shooting down bunches of enemies effectively, you now have a survivable way of leveling the playing field.

Another thing, Xbox 360 modded controllers not only works with shotguns but sniper rifles that are commonly singular-fire ones. They will also increase the rate of damage as well. This is great for the sniper who prefers using their guns in an unconventional method.

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