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miercuri, 4 aprilie 2012

What Is The Difference Between Giving Gifts To Clients And To My Kids?

What Is The Difference Between Giving Gifts To Clients And To My Kids?

by Brittany Mitchell

To be highly successful in the art of gift giving, we must be able to differentiate between corporate and personal gift giving. For personal gift giving, it is usually acceptable to spend just a little amount for the gift because, generally, in this type of gift giving it is the thought that counts. Yet, scrimping on <a href="http://www.personaltimes.com.sg/gifts/2012/unique-corporate-gifts/">corporate gifts</a> is unacceptable, as it could reveal the thoughtlessness of the giver and could even insult the recipient.

Corporate gifts are normally costly things and they do not feature any company logo or brand name, as they are not meant for marketing or promotion. However, at times corporations also give employees and prospects promotional merchandise such as pen drives, pens, key-chains and office utility items that are emblazoned with the business logo.

While giving a corporate gift, it is important to keep in consideration the interests of the individual to whom the gift is being given, and to customize it accordingly. Although custom and costly gifts are given to important clients of the company, the company personnel are usually given a standard gift, which is generally not costly, but serves a useful purpose.

The perceived value of a corporate gift is its most important characteristic. It is this aspect which has the intended effect on the client or employee, which aids in developing and maintaining a cordial working association with them. However, gifting is at times regulated by the law, so a confirmation with your legal department is worthwhile.

Planning for corporate gifts involves figuring out the expenditure, deciding upon the number of items, and finding out good deals available in the market for a bulk purchase. In terms of gifts to clients, preparation may not be critical, but for gifts to be presented to employees it is necessary. You should procure the right number of gifts so that no employee whom you plan to appreciate is left out.

In conclusion, let us be reminded that everybody would be pleased to be given presents, no matter what the setting is. Corporate gift giving is a wise stepping stone for preserving the relationship your business has with your client. If chosen wisely and given strategically, a gift presented to the recipient by the corporation could go a long way in instilling the latter's loyalty to your business.

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